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You have goals that you want to achieve, in business and in life.

Paramount to achieving these goals is having access to useful and actionable data that will empower you to (1) make timely decisions, (2) accurately predict the impact of decisions and (3) accelerate the transformation of your business. WellsColeman’s Business Advisory Services is here to help empower business owners and operators to accelerate operational and financial performance using our proprietary 3-step approach. 


Alignment begins with information systems that ensure access to timely and helpful data. 


Anticipation can happen only after you have insight into your business. We help businesses through predictive financial modeling and forecasting. 


Acceleration occurs when you have the understanding of the changes that will move the needle for your business. 

WellsColeman’s Business Advisory Services consist of helping you align and gather insight to help you optimize your performance.

1. Accounting System Optimization (Align) 

Your accounting system should be designed the way your business runs; collecting, organizing, and reporting information to help you manage more effectively. Our Accounting System Optimization services allow us to assess, diagnose, and remedy any setup, process, or reporting issues to ensure your system is aligned with your information needs.  

  • New business accounting establishment 
  • Accounting system best practices optimization 
  • Transaction and data entry standardization 
  • Accounting system training for company leadership 
  • Integration of accounting system with reporting 
  • Internal controls analysis  

2. Financial Modeling and Forecasting (Anticipate) 

Regardless of where your business is currently in its lifecycle, business owners need to understand the impact that various decision options and market conditions can have on your financial well-being. Our Financial Modeling and Forecasting services will help to develop and deploy various scenarios that highlight game-changing decisions you can make under various market conditions. 

  • Enterprise cash flow analysis 
  • Project return analysis 
  • Key drivers and impact sensitivity analysis 
  • Pricing analysis 
  • Tax planning analysis 
  • M&A financial modeling 
  • Periodic updates and analysis  

3. Data Analytics (Accelerate) 

You likely have a treasure trove of valuable information that you gather already. The trouble is that you may not have the resources, know-how, or capacity to mine the data for the strategic insights it can deliver. Our Data Analytics services will enable you to leverage artificial intelligence and data analytics to unlock access to valuable data that you need. 

  • Data analytics system setup 
  • KPI and key metrics reporting 
  • Industry performance comparison 
  • Monthly data analytics reporting 
  • On demand data analytics reporting 

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