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Peer Review and Peer Advisory Services

At WellsColeman, we recognize a successful peer review is the byproduct of an effective system of quality control.  Whether you are operating a new practice and establishing your system of quality control, or a mature practice needing affirmation of your high-quality standards through the peer review process, WellsColeman is your strategic partner of choice.  We're confident in our ability to serve your needs as we are not only peer reviewers but practitioners as well. We are challenged with the same regulations and workload compression you face, making us qualified to offer sound advice in an understandable and practical manner.

We also recognize the peer review process can be stressful for even the most seasoned professionals, so we structure our approach to ensure the engagement is performed efficiently and in a manner that provides timely and valuable feedback in addition to required service.  Our resourcefulness extends beyond the peer review cycle; we are available to assist with your firm's internal monitoring inspections, pre-issuance reviews or simply brainstorming around evolving accounting standards that impact your firm and clients.

Furthermore, our membership in the BDO Alliance allows us to provide advice and guidance beyond that of most advisors our size. Our partners are very active in the profession at both a national and local level, engaging with industry leaders and consultants at all times in an effort to maintain an innovative approach to our work, and to remain in front of the disruption occurring all around us.BDO Alliance Member

Our expertise reaches beyond technical matters, which means we can also advise you on operational efficiencies in both your accounting and tax prep areas. Additionally, as a successful partnership for over 75 years, we understand people and what it takes to make a partnership effective.  Whether you are navigating succession challenges, partner compensation, recruiting and retention, or occupancy and relocation, we've been there too.  We can offer you guidance on industry best practices as well as first-hand experience of our successes and failures.


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"Our firm had to convert unexpectedly from an engagement review to a system review but WellsColeman made the process anxiety-free.  We really appreciate their friendly approach and helpful tips for improving our firm's Quality Control Document and engagement procedures. We would highly recommend WellsColeman to any CPA firm that is looking for a peer reviewer." 

- Adrienne W.

"WellsColeman made the peer review very manageable and it was great to be able to ask questions about accounting standards and other emerging issues."

- Beth J.