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Estate Planning

Implementing Efficient Strategies to Planning for the Future

Why Plan?

Everyone needs a plan. Otherwise estate and inheritance taxes could take a considerable bite out of the retirement funds and other assets that have taken years to accumulate. In addition, income taxes will take a toll on the accumulated but untaxed monies within a qualified plan, when withdrawn.

Our Estate Planning practice provides a wide range of services from compliance and sophisticated estate planning for the closely-held business to business succession planning for the family run enterprise. We address those pressing needs of our clients by helping to develop a succession plan for their businesses while working with their families to achieve their goals.

Post Mortem Tax Planning

Even though death and taxes may be inevitable, there are ways to minimize tax liability. Also, techniques such as disclaimers, timing of distributions, tax year elections, etc. are often applicable. Careful allocation of assets to different trusts can also reduce the tax burden on beneficiaries.

Wealth Transfer Planning

Our goal is to fashion a comprehensive and tax-efficient plan based on your asset mix, business and family considerations. We regularly advise our clients about the relative advantages of various planning alternatives, including the use of revocable or living trusts, life insurance and pension plan strategies, structured charitable giving techniques, optimal use of the estate tax-exemption amount, and lifetime gifting opportunities.


Estate Planning

Business Succession Planning

One of the hardest things for a business owner to recognize is that someday someone else will make the decisions they make today. Transferring business leadership to the next generation is a process, not an event. We assist business owners and their families in planning for this transition by structuring a plan suited to their individual needs.

Business Valuations

We leverage the services of our valuation professionals to prepare business valuations. Whether for estate or gift tax purposes, buy -sell agreements or divestiture, we work closely with our valuation professionals to prepare valuations in a context suited to the unique needs of the particular situation.

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